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Loan Modification


Interest rate reduced from 2.625% adjustable interest only loan, to 2% fixed. Principal Forgiveness of $22,307.09 on the anniversary of mod for 3 years  for a total $66,921.26. Will also accrue $83.33 monthly and be applied on the anniversary of each year for 5 years. Account brought current from 03/01/2009.

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Interest rate reduced from a 3.125% adjustable rate with a cap of 9.950%,  to a 3.375% fixed. Principal deferred $167,051.51.00 Account brought current from 07/01/2010

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This client was approved after defaulting on a previous modification. His monthly mortgage payment from the previous modification was reduced by an additional $103.28. In addition, he received a principal reduction of $110,075.50. Loan was also brought current after being in default for 5 years.

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